Upcoming 50% Sale on Halloween Items: List of Items with Prices

Farmville is coming up with 50% Sale on all of its Halloween Items that were available for purchase using Farm Cash. The sale will start on November 1st, 2010 and end on November 3rd, 2010. We have compiled the list of items with their prices that would be put on Sale.

  • Caramel Apple Tree: 2 Farm Cash
  • Haunted Castle: 25 Farm Cash
  • Haunted House (2009): 30 Farm Cash
  • Frankenstein Lab: 21 Farm Cash
  • Halloween Pumpkin House: 17 Farm Cash
  • Haunted Tower: 14 Farm Cash
  • Candy Corn Home: 19 Farm Cash
  • Haunted Tree House: 18 Farm Cash
  • Robot Cow: 11 Farm Cash
  • Witch Cat: 6 Farm Cash
  • Nightmare Horse: 13 Farm Cash
  • Clever Cub: 10 Farm Cash
  • Pilot Pig: 9 Farm Cash
  • Candy Corn Pony: 12 Farm Cash
  • Super Chicken: 10 Farm Cash
  • Count Duckula: 7 Farm Cash
  • Skeleton Horse: 12 Farm Cash
  • Raven: 9 Farm Cash
  • Gargoyle Gate: 7 Farm Cash
  • Wizard Gnome: 6 Farm Cash
  • Pumpkin Tree: 2 Farm Cash
  • Halloween Train: 12 Farm Cash
  • Halloween Train Cart: 3 Farm Cash
  • Franken Gnome: 6 Farm Cash
  • Ghostcrow: 6 Farm Cash
  • Haunted Lake: 16 Farm Cash
  • Ghost Gnome: 6 Farm Cash
  • Spooky Forest: 6 Farm Cash
  • Spooky Cave: 15 Farm Cash
  • Palm Monster: 10 Farm Cash
  • Pumpkin Tower: 9 Farm Cash
  • Giant Spider Web: 4 Farm Cash
  • Spooky Bush: 2 Farm Cash
  • Pumpkin Fountain: 12 Farm Cash
  • Scaredycrow: 11 Farm Cash
  • Mummy Gnome: 6 Farm Cash

Earn your FarmVille & Mafia Wars Roman Horse, Promotion ends in 4 days!

Is the Roman Horse enough to spark your interest (or re-interest) in Mafia Wars?
There is only 4 days left to earn your FarmVille Roman Horse by sampling the gangster life in Mafia Wars.
The latest FarmVille and Mafia Wars mash-up requires you to complete 3 levels (no matter your current rank) in Mafia Wars. Completing 3 levels will unlock the Roman Horse for you in FarmVille.

Halloween Decorations: Raven, Wizard Gnome, Pumpkin Tree, Gargoyle Gate, Spooky Bats, Purple Lantern, Black Rose Arch, & Thorny Hedge

FarmVille introduced lots of new LE Halloween decorations tonight!
You will recognize most of these items as FarmVilleFreak.com previously unreleased items. The Black Rose Arch will look great next to your crops of Black Roses.
These decorations will be available in the market during the next 3 days only.
FarmVille LE Halloween Decorations (Released: October 28, 2010)
  • FarmVille Raven (decorative animal) – 18 FV$
  • FarmVille Wizard Gnome – 12 FV$
  • FarmVille Pumpkin Tree (decorative tree) – 5 FV$
  • FarmVille Gargoyle Gate (Re-Release from Halloween 2009) – 15 FV$
  • FarmVille Spooky Bats – 8,000 Coins
  • FarmVille Purple Lantern – 6,000 Coins
  • FarmVille Black Rose Arch – 10,000 Coins
  • FarmVille Thorny Hedge – 5,000 Coins

Free Black Witch Cat with Facebook Credits!

As a perk of using Facebook credits, you can receive a free Halloween Limited Edition Black Witch Cat!
This cat is not available for purchase in the FarmVille Market, so this will be the only way to get yours.
The minimum purchase is using 10 Facebook credits which equates to 4 farm cash.
Farmers should receive a pop-up of the offer and accepting will take you to the “Add Farm Cash and Coins” page where you can make your purchase using Facebook credits. After your purchase is complete the Black Witch Cat will automatically go to your FarmVille Gift Box.
Will you use Facebook credits to score your very own Black Witch Cat?

Dinosaur Costume Arrives in Market!

In a sneak attack, FarmVille has added a Dinosaur costume to the FarmVille Market.
The coin option costume costs 100,000 coins and can be used to dress your farmer avatar.

Black Roses Released!

Farmville has released Black Roses Seed as Limited Edition Masterable Halloween Themed Crop. Unlike other crops Black Roses seeds cant be purchased using coins. Either you need to buy seeds using 2 Fv Cash or Ask your neighbors to send you the seeds. Each package contains 20 seeds. Black Roses take 8 hours to mature, Yields 100 coins and 2 Xp. Black Roses takes 600 harvests to master.
Black RosesBlack Roses Mastery

Halloween Themed Building: Haunted Castle Released

Continuing with the limited edition Halloween theme Farmville has released Haunted Castle. Haunted castle is available in the Farmville Market for 50 Fv cash and can be purchased during the next 4 days only.

Halloween Themed Animal: Robot Cow Released

Farmville has released Robot cow as part of their Limited Edition Halloween theme. Robot cow is available in the farmville market for 22 Fv Cash and can be purchased during the next 4 days only. Robot Cow when placed in Dairy Farm along with any bull will produce a calf i.e. Robot Calf.
Robot CalfRobot Cow

Halloween Themed Animal: Witch Cat

Witch Cat

Unreleased Trees: Cuban Red Banana, Star Ruby Grapefruit, Shinko Pear, Barhidate, Ruby Guava, Breadnut Trees

Unreleased Cuban Red Banana TreeUnreleased Star Rugby Grapefruit TreeUnreleased Shinko Pear TreeUnreleased Barhidate TreeUnreleased Ruby Guava TreeUnreleased Ruby Guava Tree