Unreleased Winter Themed Winter Toy Shop & Snow Lady

unreleased FarmVille Winter Themed Winter Toy Shop & Snow Lady items!

28 x 28 “Farm Estate” Expansion is Here!

 Expansionists rejoice! Some FarmVille Freaks have access to the latest FarmVille 28 x 28, “Farm Estate” expansion.
Currently this expansion is slowly rolling out and will soon become available to all farmers.
This expansion costs 120 Farm Cash and at the moment the coin option is TBD (To Be Determined). Don’t worry though, because there will be a coin option available.
Will you be expanding your farm? And if so, will you spend farm cash or coins?

UNRELEASED Gingerbread House

It might be a busy month on the Farm building things! We aren’t really certain yet, but this Gingerbread House does have the signs of being a constructable building! What do you guys think of this? Will you be putting one of these on your farm?
Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4

UNRELEASED Candy Cane Calf & Cow

Hey guys, check out some of these new UNRELEASED animals that I just found! An adorable little Candy Cane Cow and Calf! Will you guys be adding these to your collection?

Gift Boxes Expanded!

This is one of those things that farmers have been asking for. The gift box now holds more gifts! Previously the box held 200 items, well now, you get a full 500 items you can store! Are you excited about the extra room in the gift box?

UNRELEASED Elf Girl Gnome!

 Hey guys, I missed the update tonight, but I did catch an UNRELEASED gnome, it is the Elf Girl Gnome! Hope you guys enjoy a sneak peak at this, you gnome collectors are going to love it! Will you be picking up this chick?
Elf Girl Gnome

Winter Holiday Buildings: Holiday Post Office & Winter Station

Two new buildings have made their way into the market in the spirit of Christmas tonight! The Holiday Post Office and the Winter Station are part of the Winter Holiday Theme and will be available in the market for the next 26 days!
  • FarmVille Holiday Post Office – 250,000 Coins
  • FarmVille Winter Station – 20 Farm Cash 

Unwither Ring Returns!

One of the most coveted items in FarmVille, the Unwither Ring, has returned to the FarmVille Market for seven days only!
You can  purchase or send an Unwither Ring to a very lucky farmer for 250 FV$ farm cash.

This is only the third time that the Unwither Ring has been available in FarmVille.
If you own an Unwither Ring you will never have to worry about withered crops again because it will prevent your farm’s crops from withering. Unwither rings do not unwither your neighbors’ crops.

Winter Holiday Decorations: Holiday Car, Holiday Cart, Holiday Flatbed, Holiday Train, Santa Gnome, Snowy Crossing, Snowy Track I, Snowy Track II, Snowy Track III, Snowy Track IV, Snowy Track V & Winter Carriage

A huge wave of Christmas decorations has hit the market tonight.  These decorations will be available in the market for the next 26 days as well.
  • FarmVille Winter Carriage – 20 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Holiday Train – 20 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Santa Gnome – 18 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Holiday Flatbed – 12 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Holiday Cart – 7 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Holiday Car – 120,000 Coins
  • FarmVille Snowy Crossing – 80,000 Coins
  • FarmVille Snowy Track I – 8,000 Coins
  • FarmVille Snowy Track II – 5,000 Coins
  • FarmVille Snowy Track III – 5,000 Coins
  • FarmVille Snowy Track IV – 5,000 Coins
  • FarmVille Snowy Track V – 5,000 Coins


New Gypsy Horse & Foal

 In a strange Sunday night update, FarmVille introduced a Gypsy Horse.
You can purchase a Limited Edition Gypsy Horse in the FarmVille Market during the next 26 days for 26 FV$ farm cash.
The Gypsy Horse can be placed in the Horse Stable and has a chance at producing a Gypsy Foal.
FarmVille LE Winter 2010 (Released: November 28, 2010)
  • FarmVille Gypsy Horse – 26 FV$

New Winter Wonderland Mystery Game!

 A new FarmVille Mystery Game has hit the market and it’s filled with Winter Wonderland themed prizes.
You can purchase a chance at playing the Mystery Game for 24 FV$ farm cash per dart.
This Mystery Game will be available for a few days only. As always, Mystery Games feature prizes that you cannot find elsewhere in FarmVille. You are never guaranteed to win one specific or all prizes, so play at your own risk as receiving duplicates is possible.
What prize did you receive from this Mystery Game?
File:Mystery Game November 28.png
  • FarmVille Candy Unicorn (Rare)
  • FarmVille Winter Reindeer (Rare)
  • FarmVille Winter Ferris Wheel (Uncommon
  • FarmVille Winter Sleigh (Uncommon)
  • FarmVille Winter Fountain (Common)
  • FarmVille Arctic Hare (Common)
File:Mystery Game 26 items.png

Foal & Horse Desing

Desinger Gabriella Hjoka

New Items November 26th 2010

A new animal (bird) has been added as a part of the Winter Holiday theme to the Market tonight! The animal that was most recently available as a reward for trading in your Facebook Credits, is now available to all farmers!
The Grey Goose will be available in the Market for the next 14 days.
  • It may be purchased for 16 Farm Cash

Is that jingling bells we hear coming? FarmVille is continuing to keep its players busy by introducing new themes one after the other! The first round of Christmas decorations has made its way to the market tonight. These decorations may look familiar to some of you because they have been repeated from last year.
These new Christmas decorations will be available to farmers for the next 29 days!
The following decorations have been added to the market tonight:
  • Candy Arch – 2,000 Coins
  • Candy Fence – 800 Coins
  • Candy Gate – 7 Farm Cash
  • Lighted Train – 22 Farm Cash


 Along with the brand new decorations and buildings, new animals have also been introduced tonight! The Paint Horse and the Black Turkey have made an appearance and will also be available for purchase for the next 2 weeks.
You may remember seeing unreleased images of the Black Turkey here on FarmVille Freak!
  • Paint Horse – 26 Farm Cash
  • Black Turkey –  18 Farm Cash

A beautiful new waterfall has been added to the market tonight combining two themes! The Autumn Fall will be available for purchase in the Market for the next 14 days!
  • Autumn Fall – 30 Farm Cash
  • Pocahontas Gnome – 12 Farm Cash
  • Orange Pumpkin – 1,500 Coins 

Happy Thanksgiving farmers! You didn’t think FarmVille would forget to give us something on Thanksgiving Day did you?! In an update tonight, two new buildings have been added to the market.
These new buildings will be available in the Market for the next 14 days.
  • Harvest Store – 300,000 Coins
  • Fall Nursery – 15 Farm Cash