New Items November 26th 2010

A new animal (bird) has been added as a part of the Winter Holiday theme to the Market tonight! The animal that was most recently available as a reward for trading in your Facebook Credits, is now available to all farmers!
The Grey Goose will be available in the Market for the next 14 days.
  • It may be purchased for 16 Farm Cash

Is that jingling bells we hear coming? FarmVille is continuing to keep its players busy by introducing new themes one after the other! The first round of Christmas decorations has made its way to the market tonight. These decorations may look familiar to some of you because they have been repeated from last year.
These new Christmas decorations will be available to farmers for the next 29 days!
The following decorations have been added to the market tonight:
  • Candy Arch – 2,000 Coins
  • Candy Fence – 800 Coins
  • Candy Gate – 7 Farm Cash
  • Lighted Train – 22 Farm Cash


 Along with the brand new decorations and buildings, new animals have also been introduced tonight! The Paint Horse and the Black Turkey have made an appearance and will also be available for purchase for the next 2 weeks.
You may remember seeing unreleased images of the Black Turkey here on FarmVille Freak!
  • Paint Horse – 26 Farm Cash
  • Black Turkey –  18 Farm Cash

A beautiful new waterfall has been added to the market tonight combining two themes! The Autumn Fall will be available for purchase in the Market for the next 14 days!
  • Autumn Fall – 30 Farm Cash
  • Pocahontas Gnome – 12 Farm Cash
  • Orange Pumpkin – 1,500 Coins 

Happy Thanksgiving farmers! You didn’t think FarmVille would forget to give us something on Thanksgiving Day did you?! In an update tonight, two new buildings have been added to the market.
These new buildings will be available in the Market for the next 14 days.
  • Harvest Store – 300,000 Coins
  • Fall Nursery – 15 Farm Cash