Says Valentines Are Coming Soon!

Just recently, we saw the release of the fabulous new Cupid’s Castle! As soon as player’s finished building its first stage, they noticed that it was harvestable! But what would it reap?
To those who have tried to harvest their Cupid’s Castle, they will have received the following notice
We know that once Valentine’s hit FarmVille, that is what the Castle will give us once a day, when harvested. Until then, players are being offered coins for harvesting this new building.
We have also seen pictures of the Unreleased Valentine’s Day Mailbox here. Do you think it will work the same way this year as it did last year?


kyle pinder said...

Farmville don't mean to be a bother but i finished the cupid castle completely,and everyone is getting goals but i have not gotten any and i don't want to be the last one to finish thanks for your consideration.:)

Anonymous said...

i am not receiving any coins when i harvest my cupid castle and i am 6 wooden boards from the last step. i just keep getting that prompt about the valentines coming soon