Ask for Spooky Grail & Table Centerpiece Links!

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Level 1: Spooky
Level 2: Eerie
Level 3: Hair-Raising
Level 4: Frightening
Level 5: Spine-chilling
Level 6: Downright Dreadful

Building Materials to Complete
Duckula Castle!

Level 1:
* Spooky *
12 x Haunted Brick
12 x Goo
12 x Knockers

Level 2:
* Eerie *
14 x Haunted Brick
14 x Goo
14 x Knockers

Level 3:
* Hair-Raising *
16 x Haunted Brick
16 x Goo
16 x Knockers

Level 4:
* Frightening *
18 x Creepy Candles
18 x Goo
18 x Knockers

Level 5:
* Spine-chilling *
20 x Creepy Candles
20 x Goo
20 x Knockers

Level 6:
* Downright Dreadful *
22 x Creepy Candles
22 x Goo
22 x Knockers


Anonymous said...

i must be thick how do u get items

Anonymous said...

you can put an ask out for them or collect of the news feed

Anonymous said...

How can I complete quests when all I get is "an error has occurred with farmville. please try again later. Can't ask for help!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i have yet to finish a quest in the cove as cant plant enough at 1 time and expansions cost to much farmcash

Anonymous said...

Same here as on the last Anonymous, Its so frustrating when i get so close to getting to the third quest and it is something i so want the quest is over. For us who can't really afford it quest should be a little longer, Or at least they should be put in the market to purchase a couple of days after the quests are finished. So i can actually get some sleep so i don't have to wake up every 5 hrs. So i can try to get a quest done.

Anonymous said...

I meant the items be put in the market,See what lack of sleep does to a person.

Anonymous said...

i don't mine doin the quest as a fact i like them but i have had a lot of problems lately with farmville , if the programs would work like they are designed to then it would be more enjoyable n fun to play . i have been mad enough to quit playing farmville but i know if i did i'd be mad at me. but i do get tired of running to support for help . trying to solve the issues i have been having . an i might add the support team has been great in helping me .

Anonymous said...

I cannot request half of the time, so I have to beg for people to send. ready to jus t quit playing.