Unreleased Dartmoor Pony & Dartmoor Pony Foal!

Unreleased Dartmoor Pony & Dartmoor Pony Foal!


Anonymous said...

Mind is not a comment. Yesterday you were having to size upgrades on Lighthouse Cove. I got the first one, but when I tryed to get the second one all the game would do was tell me I need to refresh my game. I did this for about 4 hours and never got it. I hope you run it again so I can upgrade the farm. But when it comes to the new animals they are OK, but needs to be able to get them with some coins sometimes. For the ones of us I are out of work. PLEASE RUN THE UPGRADE AGAIN SO MAYBE WE ALL CAN UPGRADE THE FARM. THANK YOU

J Jean Ross said...

I agree, these are cute in all, but COIN PURCHASES THAT AREN'T 1,000,000+ WOULD BE NICE. Out of work and can't afford to buy game cards, unless someone gives as a gift, or I safe change for months.. What happen to Zynga being FAIR PLAY? Everyone could play despite if they could buy a card or not. Things were a lot less expensive and made the game so much more fun and exciting.. HEY WHAT ABOUT THE HAUNTED HOUSE? ARE WE HAVING THAT THIS TIME? NOW THAT WAS FUN!