Santa's Sleigh Guide!

Santa’s Sleigh has arrived to FarmVille!

The holidays are coming to Winter Wonderland and so is Santa’s Sleigh! Build Santa’s Sleigh with parts from your friends. The bigger the Sleigh, the more gifts you can harvest. Don’t delay, start the fun today!

Note: If you are unable to locate Santa’s Sleigh, check for it in your Giftbox or purchase in the Market for one Coin.

There are 7 different building Levels for Santa’s Sleigh:
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6
Level 7

Note: You can have 1 Santa’s Sleigh on each Farm (Home, English Countryside, Lighthouse Cove, and Winter Wonderland).

Placing Santa’s Sleigh:

A Green illumination around Santa’s Sleigh will glow over open placement areas on your farm.

Once placed on your Farm, you will have the following six options:
Look Inside – View your progress
Ask for Parts – Send requests for Gifts to any friend once every four hours
Complete Now – Use Farm Cash to complete Santa’s Sleigh
Move – Rearrange Santa’s Sleigh on your farm
Sell – Option to sell your Santa’s Sleigh

There are three ways of obtaining Gifts:
Ask for More – Send requests for Gifts to any friend once every four hours
Send Gifts – Send Gifts to your Friends from the Free Gifts Tab
Buy – Buy Gifts directly from the Market

Note:You can harvest Santa’s Sleigh for Gifts and share Materials with your friends!
You have two options to check your status:
Hover over your Santa’s Sleigh
Click on ‘Look Inside’ – view your status on the Status Bar

This is what your Level 1 will look like:
This is what your Level 2 will look like:

This is what your Level 3 will look like:

This is what your Level 4 will look like:

This is what your Level 5 will look like – wait, where did the little sheep go?!:

This is what your Level 6 will look like:

This is what your Level 7 will look like:

Congratulations for completing your Santa’s Sleigh! You will have the option to Share Gifts with your Friends by posting to your Facebook Wall, and sending Materials directly to your Friends.

We hope you enjoy building your Santa’s Sleigh with Friends and redeeming some cool prizes!

Happy Holidays, Farmers!


Anonymous said...

when dose this start?

Anonymous said...

i hope soon lol i cant wait till i can get on the new farm!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just got mine...

Anonymous said...

What are the parts?

Anonymous said...

I hope u read these notes i'm tired paying farm cash for things that don't appear when i purchase them EX: a winter forest for 4 farm cash it doesn't appear on my farm but when i put it to store it appears go fiqure please help us to be satisified with our purchases i want to continue but that's a rip off...........

Anonymous said...

what your trying to say is, thats its another one of those building ones again?

Anonymous said...

got it but not placing it till have my winter farm

Anonymous said...

i purchased the winter forest also and it just shows up as a grey shadow on my snow, lets fix this. The last three days my gifts are"t going to my box from friends they just disapeer.The winter farm is great and the new sleigh i just got is big..thank you

Anonymous said...

those complaining about glitches in Farmville have come to the wrong place. This isn't Zynga. It's a blog. Contact Zynga support

Lucie said...

And how does one contact Zynga support ?

Anonymous said...

You contact Zynga support by going all the way to the bottom of your Farmville page and clicking support. You will get moved to another page which is direct zynga/farmville related. There you can send an email or chat to support.
Also.. you can just go to and select farmville and follow the above. It's not THAT hard to figure out. COMMON SENSE.

Anonymous said...

when is the winter farm coming for those who not want to pay for it

Anonymous said...

Beware that on level 4 the items change that are needed...reindeer treats, holiday cheer and milk and cookies. I have all the original stuff that I no longer need. GRRRR.

Anonymous said...

how many of each item is needed? it is nice to see what it will look like but i need to know HOW many parts i need

Anonymous said...

to the one who posted common sense for contacting zygna sorry but there is
NOT a contact link for them a help but it does not allow to post or send problems to them..i have had problems with them before n i had to google for a site. im not understanding it but was what i had to do..they are getting to pumped on charging, and are costing more than a paid internet game such as WOW thur im agreeing to a post a friend of mine once posted farmville u not to get off that crack-stem, and back down to earth.

Anonymous said...

for those of you that need to contact Zynga here you go,and I would like to add ,they have always helped me within 24 hours,unless it was something major they had to work on that was affecting everyone ,Happy Farming,-

Anonymous said...

The winter forest is a ripp off , it does not appear on my farm either, just a huge crop circle, I paid for it just to store it

Anonymous said...

why do i have to do another sleigh when i have finished one on my cove well before they gave we the wonder land