Confirmed Valentine Countdown 2012 Prizes!

Day 1: Heart Flamingos
Day 2: Heart Ring
Day 3: Love Bridge
Day 4: Romantic Dinner
Day 5: Love Birds.
Day 6: Romantic Gazebo
Day 7: Romantic Swing
Day 8: Love Pond
Day 9: Romantic Picnic
Day 10: Romantic Lake
Day 11: Proposal Squirrel
Day 12: Love Waterfall
Day 11: Proposal Squirrel

If you get all the 12 Items, You'll get the Valentine Dragon at the end!
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Anonymous said...

at least we get a COOL dragon at the end

Anonymous said...

i thought we will get a money tree cauz bonus price n money tree price is same lolzzzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

can't post on wall to ask 4 requests