Winter Wonderland Chapter VI Quests Request Links!

You'll need: 
4xConstruction Paper Construction Paper!
6xGlue SticksGlue Sticks!
8xGlitter JarGlitter Jars!
8xStreamers Streamers!
8xPunch BowlPunch Bowls!
8xParty PoppersParty Poppers!
8xHeart SnowballHeart Snowballs!
8xWhooziwutzits Whooziwhutsuts!
8xShiny BobdingerShiny Bobbdingers!
9xSocial Guides Social Guides!
10xSasquatch CologneSasquatch Cologne!
5xHigh FivesHigh Five O Matics!

Click HERE to see the Winter Wonderland Chapter VI Quests!

Thanks, Elves QuestBonus Quest


Anonymous said...

y this site is not sending things? :(

Anonymous said...

Sorry but the links are not working! :(

Anonymous said...

How am I supposed to finish missions when I can't post what I need and the request links don't workm put more trained monkeys on the job and fix the problems.