Coming Soon: Perfect Pet!

Remember the Ideal Vacation Home, or the Stocking with the Naughty and Nice?
 It's back, but in a different form!
This one will be the cats, or the dogs. More information soon!
'Ask your friends for votes to win prizes! '


* American Bobtail
* Candle Tree
* Suburban Cottage
* Artist Gnome
* Marathon Tortoise
* Farmer Horse


* American Bulldog
* Pink Diamond Tree
* Neon Building
* Jock Gnome
* Marathon Hare
* Fancy Horse

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Anonymous said...

I love this...can't wait!!!

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!! I'm a FaRmViLLe AdDiCt!!!

Anonymous said...

This is the coolest thing Zynga has released in a long time! I enjoy most of what they present but IMO this is awesome!! I just wish I would get it already!!!