Horse Paddock Guide!

Horse Paddock: Breed even more animals now!

The Horse Paddock is now available to breed more animals in FarmVille! Harvesting the horses inside the Horse Paddock counts towards Animal Mastery! And guess what? More horses in your Horse Paddock means more chances of finding adorable foals! Build your Horse Paddock and start growing these cute little animals today!

The Horse Paddock is the last of all seven new breeding buildings released.

Farmers with an Animal Trough will receive a message to replace it with a new Horse Paddock, Cow Pasture, Livestock Pen, Zoo, Pet Run or Wildlife Habitat. But do not fear, the Horse Paddock, the Cow Pasture, the Livestock Pen, the Zoo, the Pet Run, Wildlife Habitat, and other forthcoming breeding pens will offer you even more opportunities to claim Animals!

Note:Now that the new Horse Paddock is here, the Horse Stable will no longer be available in the Market.
  • Players will be able to keep their existing Horse Stable.
  • The old Horse Stable won’t produce foals for any new horses (but current horses will still produce foals that you can share).
  • Once the Horse Paddock is released, the first time you click an old Horse Stable, you’ll be presented with the option to trade-in all their old Horse Stables for an exclusive Horse and Animal Feed. If you decline, you’ll be presented with the offer again every once in a while.
  • To get foals that you can keep and share, place a new Horse Paddock! All foals can produce a foal in the new Horse Paddock!

Note: The following horses currently cannot be placed inside the Horse Paddock, but will be place-able very soon:
  • Candy Corn Pony
  • Spotted Pony
  • Mini Blackfire Horse
  • Skeleton Horse
  • French Unicorn Baby
  • Mini Unicorn
  • Purple Mini Unicorn
  • Mini Pegasus
  • Fairy Unicorn
  • Fairy Zebra

Breeding your Horse Paddock Horses:

You can breed a wide variety of Horse Paddock horses, such as horses, stallions, Clydesdales, minis, ponies, appaloosas, andalusians, Arabians, Belgians, percherons, pegasus’s, E-Questrions, unicorns, Hafingers, horse spectator, steeds, donkeys, nightmares, mustangs, mules, reitponies, and warmbloods.

You don’t need pairs of horses to find a foal; you just need one of any particular horse in your Horse Paddock to have a chance of finding its foal upon harvesting the Horse Paddock!

Placing the Horse Paddock:

You will need the following Building Materials to complete your Horse Paddock:
  • 10x Log
  • 10x Saddle
  • 10x Bridle

There are four ways of obtaining Building Materials:
  • Free Gifts Tab – Send a Free Gift to friends to help them with their building
  • Click on green button “Ask for Part” – Send requests for parts to any friend once every four hours
  • Click on the green button “Complete Now” – Use Farm Cash to complete Building immediately
  • Click on the green button “Buy” – Use Farm Cash to obtain that specific part

This is what your Horse Paddock will look like once it’s completed:

Upon completing your Horse Paddock, you will receive one free Cream Draft Horse:

You can store up to 20 horses in each Horse Paddock that you own. Like Orchards, you can have more than one Horse Paddock on your farm and can choose which Horse Paddock you would like to use to store a specific Horse Paddock horse.

Clicking on the Horse Paddock gives you the option to:
  • Look inside
  • Apply Instant Grow
  • Move
  • Sell

You can view all your current horses inside your Horse Paddock, including Animal Mastery status and quantity, when selecting the “Look Inside” option. You can also use Animal Instant Grow which will be applied to all horses inside the Horse Paddock:

Horses that are qualified for the Horse Paddock but are not placed inside the Horse Paddock (whether you own these horses or not) appear translucent:

Some horses are available in the Market.

Harvesting your horses inside the Horse Paddock:

You will see a pink arrow above the Horse Paddock once it’s ready for harvest and an orange illumination around when hovering over:

When you harvest your Horse Paddock for coins and Animal Mastery, you have a chance to find a Foal! The more horses inside your Horse Paddock, the better your chances of finding a foal upon harvest.

To qualify to create a foal, a horse must be in the Horse Paddock from before 10% harvest progress until the Horse Paddock is harvested.

When you find a foal, you’ll have the option to share an extra one with your friends!

All horses produced by the Horse Paddock can be shared with friends via the Newsfeed! So keep a lookout in your Newsfeed for foals that you can claim from your friends!

You don’t need pairs of horses to find a foal from your own Horse Paddock; you just need one of any particular horse in your Horse Paddock to have a chance of finding its foal upon harvesting the Horse Paddock!

When you don’t find a foal upon harvest, you will find Animal Feed which you can use to feed Mystery Babies from breeding pens like the Cow Pasture, Wildlife Habitat, Pet Run, Zoo, and Livestock Pen!


When you find a foal after harvest, you will be able to place the little baby on your farm. There will be a green illumination hovering over open areas on your farm:

After placing your new little baby on the farm, you will have eight options:
  • Grow Up! – Use Farm Cash to complete animal immediately
  • Move
  • Sell
  • Apply Instant Grow
  • Stay
  • Rotate
  • Pet
  • Store Item

Your foal will remain a baby unless you choose to ‘Grow Up!’ using Farm Cash.
Foals of horses who came from the Mystery Game can’t be grown up; these adult horses are exclusive to the Mystery Game and will have “Mystery Game Exclusive” in their menus when you click on the baby.

Don’t forget: To qualify to create a foal, a horse must be in the Horse Paddock from before 10% harvest progress until the Horse Paddock is harvested.
COMING SOON: Foal mastery!

When trying to move a horse, the appropriate Horse Paddock will illuminate in blue and then you can place inside:

Featured Horses:

The last three horses placed inside your Horse Paddock will be featured after exiting the “Look Inside” option:

We hope you enjoy breeding a greater variety of horses and continuing to collect your Animal Mastery signs!

Happy breeding, Farmers!


Anonymous said...

yet again greedy zynga wants you to spend more real money to grow your foals to adulthood well zynga can shove it where the sun dont shine. my foals will stay foals or better still i'm saying goodbye zynga from all my family mebers as we all quit all zynga games!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is all fine and dandy, But when support doesnt answer your emails, and you get the horse paddock but NO Quest, What is the use in it? I'm pretty well sick of zynga and how greedy they have gotten. FV used to be fun. Ive played since it started. But I'm ready to just say the heck with it. They took one of my cow pens with all my specialty cows in it i paid for. now they will probably take my horses as well. Zynga, you just lost yet another customer/player!

Anonymous said...

Won't let me ask for parts for the quest. What is the point, getting behind.

Anonymous said...

getting real sick of the bullshit zynga i am not buying cash from u guys just to do anything i mean hell i have 3 kids and bills i cant afford to be spending my money on ur junk

Anonymous said...

This game used to be fun, but now it is more like work, collect this, build that, ask for materials, build this, go to another farm, ask for materials, build this, quest here, quest there. What turns me off even more is the outright greed. Everything is now in the market for cash and not coins and they are very stingy about earning farm cash. What really irked me to put it politely was the second quest on lighthouse cove where one of the items to meet was to expand the farm and guess what...the expansion was for cash! What a set of balls. Fix what is broken and leave what ain't alone and the horse stable was just fine the way it was and you were still making money on it....

Anonymous said...

another big zynga cooperate greed scheme.i have bought a lot of game cards to play this screwed up game, but i will NEVER spend another penny on it...zynga can bite my ass

Anonymous said...

I play absolutely fine without paying a dime. I like the quests, they give the game more of a challenge. I don't mind that they ask for FarmCash, because I don't HAVE to grow foals or upgrade Lighthouse Cove. I just don't finish that particular quest. It is otherwise a FREE game that no one is forcing you to pay for or play, for that matter. It's still fun for me. If you're tired of the "greed" don't play! QYB .... People are always wanting something for nothing!

Anonymous said...

I like this!,but why can't you do the same for the foals that are in the nursery! i mean i put in some nice foals in nursery and all i get out of it is same black,brown gray horses and sometimes the blue horses.and then you "take" my nice foal that made these horses. why don't you just leave them in there and until they them selfs turn into what they are,and then take the foal? I don't want to put my nice foals in the nursery until you can fix this.makes more cents to me!That way we are making horses and foals and still buying the nicer foals and horses from you that are being released!I think it should be that way with everything. thank you for your time to read this.

Anonymous said...

i'm not have it FV Cash NO WAY


Anonymous said...

its because they sell the parent for FV cash and they dont want the baby to grow up to be something they sell for cash
so they have us taking up space on those little cove farms building stuff you have to have farmcash to raise,what a load of crap. only good thing is new colored horses

Anonymous said...

it seems to me that no body but zynga thinks that there should be this much going on, ALL zynga games have too much emphysis on buying in-game cash and they have lost sight of the fun of mastering the things you already have. I have played a year now and I am down to just two zynga games and am about ready to pitch both! don't enjoy them anymore because i feel like it is a job now! Get a clue zynga and slow down and fix what is broke before introduce anything new!!

Anonymous said...

FV used to be fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now it feels like a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please stop the madness!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is, if you don't want to pay cash, DON'T. Just play the freebie part of the game. And if you can't do that w/o gripping, the quit ad take your bellyaching somewhere else. And that's what I have to say.

Anonymous said...

I so agree, Quit Your B*tchin' !!!!

jane said...

I buy FARMCASH so I can get the horses and I for 1 would be pissed if Zynga let people grow the foals for FREE that they got for FREE from the accounts of people who paid for the foals.

If people want the horses than let them PAY like I did

Anonymous said...

I have had my farm for about 3 years and I have never spent one penny of my money.I use all the freebies and what friends send.I believe my farm is as good as anyones.I live on my Social Security and Retirement so I can't really afford to spend money on make believe games.However I feel my Farm is just as good as anybodys and it is free.You can do it if you want to.

Anonymous said...

It appears that they are making farmville more and more like Frontierville with more and more quests, pens, more and more for farmcash and less with the coins. I do buy the farmcash occasionally, but I quit frontierville for the reasons stated above. I really hope they don't continue in this direction.

Anonymous said...

NOT PAYING more FV cash , change to coins please so much easier and safer

Anonymous said...

i agree about the greed that zynga seems to be latley, all i have to say is that i do buy fv $ to buy special items in the market that i want, i understand it is a buisness and they do have to make money but i refuse to buy expansions for a free game for fv$ get a clue zynga

Anonymous said...

I Think that the quests are fun as long as they are done in moderation, but I feel that they are really pushing the Buy this and that all for FV dollars. I can't afford this. I have spent way to much on these games now and it is about to put me in the poor house. Quit pushing it, Please.

Anonymous said... it used to be/A..always an exciting quest/R..relaxed after a hard day/M..made new friends/V..visited all their farms/I..invigorating at times/L..loved, then/L.."liked" it all/E..end, so sorry FARMVILLE, is near for me!

Anonymous said...

You know I understand that some people can not purchase farm cash but for people to complain about it is really a joke. I mean think of it this is a game like any other you would purchase in the store to play on your x-box or wii or playstation 3. Zynga has to pay developers, and server costs and employees. So they have to make there money somewhere to pay these people or do you feel that they should do it all for free. Would you go to your job all week and not expect a pay check. I think not. They are not forcing you to play there games or purchase farm cash it's a choice.

fostermumoffive said...

@ Jane....I completely agree, people do not realise that this is a BUSINESS...I don't recall getting anything for free lately.
I buy farm cash...a fair bit of it to be exact. We have five kids, and I save it over the course of two weeks. It is my reward to myself.
As far as the horses/foals and cows/calves...It used to burn my butt that we had to give them away when we bred a foal from a FV Cash animal. Why should someone who doesn't pay reap the rewards of my money??? Thank god Zynga listened to us, the people who actually help to KEEP THIS GAME FREE for all of you to continue to play. I can now keep my foals and calves from my rare animals, and you all still get a go at getting one. For goodness sake...STOP WHINING, are we adults or children...either shut up and play, or suck it up and quit. Those are your choices.

Gayle Lorren said...

I have sent an e-mail but still I am unable to post any requests for the items needed to complete my horse pasture, or cow pasture or otherwise any quests I try to do.Once in a great while it will post my request but normally I must skim thru old post and hope I find a friend who needs the same item so I can get one for sending one. Really making this difficult. If I must pay real money I expect great service. FIX IT NOW.

Anonymous said...

Zynga went to coins on expanding the farms, but come on now ... a million or more to expand don't that just sound a bit much! Oh well I see I am not the only one not happy w/ Zynga!
Yes, FV was fun until they got greedy for sure! I can't believe that you have to have FV cash to get items or now for that matter expansion now on the Lighthouse Cove come on already! BS like all say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!