Bobbing for Apples Guide!

Bobbing For Apples has now arrived!

Fall Harvest Festival has come to FarmVille with the Bobbing For Apples Game! Get friends to attend the festival to help bring you apples and win fun prizes! And guess what? You will be able to help your Friends out too!

Note: If you are unable to locate the Apple Barrel, check for it in your Giftbox.

Placing the Apple Barrel:

A Green illumination around the Apple Barrel will glow over open placement areas on your farm.

Once placed on your Farm, you will have the following three options:
  • Invite Friends – Send requests for parts to any friend once every four hours
  • Look Inside – View your progress
  • Move – Rearrange the Bobbing For Apples Game on your farm

This is what you will see when looking inside the Apple Barrel:

How to obtain Apples:
  • Friends who have joined your crew
  • Asking for Apples from Friends
  • Sending Apples as Gifts from the ‘Free Gifts’ tab
  • Purchasing Apples in the Market
  • Clicking the green ‘Buy Now’ button
  • Harvesting your Orchard once a day

Note: You can view how many Apples you need when hovering over the prize.

Friends who have joined your crew:
  • Each Friend brings you a total of 5 Apples
  • You can view how many Friends have helped by hovering over the Apple Barrel
  • A blue arrow will notify you the latest Friend who joined your crew including their profile picture. If more than 1 friend joined, it will display the total number of Friends on the top right of their profile picture

When you fulfill the total amount of Apples and/or Crew members, you will unlock the corresponding Prize and have the option to share one with your Friends!

Note: You will have a total of three weeks to claim your prizes, so start bobbing for Apples!

Don’t want to wait to unlock a prize? Not to worry – you can unlock the prize immediately by clicking on the green ‘Unlock’ button.

We hope you enjoy bobbing with Friends and unlocking awesome prizes!


Anonymous said...

i can not post anything. when i go to post it never comes up... for anything. what do i do or can you fix it for me?

Anonymous said...

If you go to you will probably be able to post. That's the only way my kids and I have been able to post consistently for weeks now.

Anonymous said...

From my farm disappeared the apple barrel, can't find it and I can't continue with the bobbing for apple. Does someone how to get a new one or how to restore the disappeared one? Thank you

Anonymous said...

try searching good in your gift box..or try the market

Sherry said...

I can't share anything from and when the sharing stops working via facebook, I just reload my farm and that usually fixes it for a while and when it happens again I repeat re-loading farm.

Anonymous said...

I redeemed apples for each of the gifts and now I can no longer redeem any apples to get more gifts, have to get with farm dollars, I wondered where all my fv$'s went, finally caught that any more items are gotten with fv$, I think that is pretty sneaky on fv's part and partly my fault for not catching it earlier.

Anonymous said...

Yes reload or shut browser down completely!

Anonymous said...

were and how to get a honey crisp apple tree when you dont have enough farmville money and dont want to buy any fv money,, plus cant even find the d&m tree

Anonymous said...

you should have gotten a Honey Crisp Apple as a prize in the previous quest..the one with apple baskets (1st one maybe)

Meina Eina said...

Mir erschliesst sich der Sinn des ganzen noch immer nicht vollständig..??! Ich habe nun alle der möglichen Preise eingetauscht...und soll DOCH noch WEITERSAMMELN??!! W O Z U ..??!! Möchte man mehr der Preise haben, muß man FC einsetzen...dazu muß ich wohl kaum die recht eingeschränkten sende/ Hilfsanfragen "opfern", die ich doch wesentlich sinnvoller einsetzen kann!!?! WAS also ist die Quintessenz aus dem ganzen Gedöns??!!

Anonymous said...

I will send people that ask for apples. Once you collect the prizes that is it. Unlike the valentine and other quests where you could get as many prizes as you had card to gifts to gold to what ever it happen to be. I have over 500 apples and nothing to do with them..

Anonymous said...

i just want to delete this stupid POS. but cannot delete cannot sell, cannot store and CANNOT recycle. Stupid Zynga na-zis....

Anonymous said...

I need 4 of the popcorn machines but cannot post it because it does not show up. so I wait hours do it again and still dont show up. tried to do it on did not work there either. what can i do now?