Limited Edition Halloween Costumes & Decorations!

Bat Tree
* Eyeball Lake – 18 Farm Cash
* Bat Tree – 5 Farm Cash
* Halloween Table – 100,000 Coins
* Eyeball Flower Bush – 80,000 Coins
* Halloween Planter – 30,000 Coins

Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo SharingImage Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing
* Skeleton Suit – 5 Farm Cash
* Ghost – 150,000 Coins


Smiljka said...

I don't know where I can to sey to enyone from ZUNGA so I whrite here...I have problem whit sending gifts to my farmville friends new ones who is not my fb friends.I send to everyone but it's still there like I don't send to there enyone to answer me or fix that problem...please email me or just answer here...thanks ;-)

Anonymous said...

same here and i cant ask for gifts either.

Anonymous said...

The neighbors that are just my farmville neighbors and not my FB friends do not show up were I can send them gifts like everyone else...I do NOT thonk this is fair as I would like to send them the same thing not just always a stupid, special delivery gift as those are NOT usually helpful!!!