List of All the Unreleased Animals!

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

estam muy lindos tdos los nuevos gracias

Anonymous said...

Stop posting new animals if you cant fix the glitches you all have, would like my foals to grow up to what they are not to these UGLY black and grey ones.

Yaelle G. said...

LOL Anonymous - the foals dont grow into black & grey ones anymore! lol they stopped doing that.

Yaelle said...

but even when they did do that, it sort of made sense. I hate Zynga more than most companies, but you've got to admit they DO exist to make a profit! Why would they just give everything away for free??

Anonymous said...

Zynga is a business- They don't work for you for FREE!
You don't just go to work and not get paid. Neither does Zynga.
You guys need a reality check- Zynga doesn't pay people to work and get new items for you daily for free-
if you want to the store you could not get a game for free- You have to BUY them- and for any online game- Many- You also pay a monthly fee-
You get FV for free- So quit whining and realize you wouldn't want someone to WHINE at you all day for you to work for free for them! Because they don't care about you- Only for themselves.
You all sound like 5 year olds.
Understand the world- If you want FV to continue you should contribute- as you get a great game for free and don't have to pay, but if you want too- Its available too as well.
I LOVE this game and don't want you complainers who think people work for free, JUST for you to ruin it-
Grow up!

Anonymous said...

foals and calves will continue to grow up into something different then what the are if you put or leave them in your nursery barn..however you now have the option to pay farm cash to grow up most of them..Except ones that are from mystery game animals..which I think is totally fair..considering I use my real money to buy farmcash to purchase these horses and cows and it would be quite unfair if people who didn't want to buy them just to be able to grow them up for free..when I have to pay for them just so you can get the foal or calf!